Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring In New England - A Travelogue

 Just for fun, I'm reposting this - enjoy!

 Ah, the first day of Spring! -um...well, not exactly calendar Spring, but a hint of Spring is in the air.  Around these parts Spring doesn't officially begin until sometime around mid-June.  Until then, from the first thaw on, we have what is affectionately known as "Mud Season".  

Introducing the Family Van-O-Nator, III

Monday:  Sane people do not wash their vehicles during Mud Season.  It is a hopeless waste of money, especially if you live on a backroad.  Despite this fact, and because I won it with a free spin of the "Wheel of Prizes" at the local gas-n-groceries, I couldn't resist a trip through the hands-free car wash.  The sun was shining, the Critters strapped in and pacified with junky convenience store snack food, and high-powered jets of soap suds spelled five minutes of peace, if not quiet for me - mesmerizing entertainment for them. Vantastic!

And by the time we got home:


Tuesday- after one more trip to town and back...   

                                          ...and so forth...

                          ...and so on....


                                                        ...and so on...

...and then on Saturday, of course, it began to rain.

On Sunday morning I looked out the window in hushed expectation...



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