Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Bachelor Brothers

I have two....

(scroll down)

The Good 'Ol Boy


The Fuss-Budget

Things they have in common                                How they differ
         Over six feet tall                                              Everything else 
Over fifty years old                                                            
Their parents                                                          
Their Siblings                                                          
Marital status                                                          
They are older than me                                                           

I am posting this on F.B.'s birthday.  It is very important that I do so... because then he will know that I did not forget, or get the date wrong.  G.O.B.'s birthday was nearly two months ago. I didn't call, even though I thought good thoughts his way all day.  I have not called him on his birthday more than once or twice.  He probably wouldn't even remember his birthday, except he still lives with our parents, and I'm pretty sure Mom made him a cake. 

F.B. - who lives alone - would probably appreciate a cake, but he will have to settle for a call...

For years and years (and maybe even still) I did not remember their birthdays correctly.  G.O.B. is sandwiched in between our two married brothers, one older and one younger.  At least, I think he is - all three of their birthdays are in row a week before my own and I can never keep them straight.  And for some odd reason I always remember F.B.'s as a day later than it actually is. 

But not this year!

I am writing this early, so that I can post on exactly the right day.  Which is tomorrow... I think...

Anyhow, Happy Birthday - belated and otherwise - to my Bachelor Brothers! 

I'm glad you're mine....

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  1. Okay, so this is me commenting on my own stupid blog post, but I can't help it ---- I actually did get the date wrong again! The Parents set me straight when I talked to them today. I'm so sorry F.B., but hey!- I'm not too proud to admit publically that I have no memory for sibling birthdays (I do have a lot to remember, ya know) - just siblings themselves. Love ya!