Thursday, June 2, 2011

Worm Death Alley

My Critters have always attended excellent private schools - first faith based, and as they move on into high school, a top-notch, internationally acclaimed prep school.  Believe me, we realize how lucky we are.  Such opportunities aren't available to everyone of our income bracket, and even though it's a real hardship at times, its a sacrifice we consider well worth it.

And sometimes.....sometimes little incidents happen that confirm that our Critters are just where they're supposed to be.  For example:

At said prep school, students from all over the world mingle with local teens on a campus that rivals many smaller colleges.  Academic buildings both historic and modern dot beautifully groomed grounds, connected by miles of well kept walkways.  Committed instructors share their knowledge with a brave, new generation.  In this enriching environment, students thrive.

But not everyone on campus is capable of learning...

...because sometimes it rains...

... and the well kept walkways become WORM DEATH ALLEY!

As squirmy hordes take refuge from the water saturated soil, the rain slowly tapers and all is well....


A thousand students pour from their classrooms.

A thousand students careen through the hallways.

A thousand students burst through doorways, stumble down steps, and flow onto sidewalks.


But, drifting though campus is one who cares...

...someone who cherishes the very breath of every animated creature...

...someone who not only would never carelessly snuff out a life, but would deign to rescue even a lowly worm.

The Angel of Worm Death Alley!

(Dedicated to Firstborn - caring individual, quasi-Buddhist, and all around cool teenager!)

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