Monday, January 23, 2012

Haute Couture

Back in the day, I wasn't necessarily the snappiest dresser, but I held my own with a confident flair.  Creating outfits a'la carte from siblings' and sometimes even parents' closets was my forte'.  Add dangly earrings, pumps, and a simple bandanna or scarf cinched at a jaunty angle across the hips and - vwa-la! - late 70's fashion-plate!

The term "fashionista" wasn't in vogue yet, though Vogue certainly was.  These days, I try to keep up - sort of - though comfort is more of a deciding factor.

But that's true for most everyone, right?  From dress down days at the office, polo shirts in the board room, and lounge pants everywhere you look, casual is in.

Anyhow, today there's a new Cover Girl in town. 

But first, from the catwalk, modeling favorite casual attire.....

Our youngest model, Bonus Baby, sports blinky shoes, leggings (also known as size 4T stretch pants), and one of several DORA shirts.  Her hairstyle is a retro mullet sans barrettes, designed to keep baby-fine flyaway hair out of the eyes.  Make-up by NUTELLA.

Up next on our runway....

......Sweetie Petite-y in baggy all-cotton lounge wear (a.k.a. PJ's) and fuzzy socks.  Hopefully these are her sleeping-in jammies, and not her put-on-the-moment-she-walks-in-the-door jammies, which are usually accessorized with copious amounts of pet hair. Hair by Static Electricity, skin by X-ima.

Now Third Child owns it - and someone better notice!- with.....

....... a seven-piece ensemble in various shades of purple, matching hand-beaded earrings, and (hopefully Momster won't notice!) mascara!



Third Child is back with a totally new outfit.  This time, a waaaaay-too-short tiered ruffle skirt with stretch pant- I mean, leggings, layered cammis and kitten heels.  And still the mascara! 


But wait!  Here for her third strike- er, I mean attempt at pleasing the fashion police, Third Child shuffles in wearing---

----the Steve Erkle look! Ha ha- snort! What a display of sarcasm! Well, at least she washed her face...

Before we introduce our New Cover Girl in her favorite leisure attire, lets just take a quick peak at her woman-on-the-go look, shall we?

Tres chic, non oui?  And now, unveiled for the first time in public, FirstBorn's all-time favorite outfit......

Modified Pillowcase!

Now, excuse me, please, while I slip into some stretch pants.....

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