Monday, April 2, 2012

Behind On My Game

For those who have been faithfully checking to see if I've posted, thanks for the interest.  As for the rest of you, hey!  Whazza'matta wid you, hmm?
Yeah, I know I'm REALLY behind. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm so often behind the wheel!  Living in the boondocks has it's upsides, but mitigated drive time is not one of them.  We're considering investing in foreign oil companies; we're sure to turn a profit based on Vantana alone!  Last year we spent more in gas than groceries, and that's saying a lot.

SO.... no time to write, and even less to make art, but to keep this post from being totally bland, I'll throw in a few random past pieces.  Just think of it as stock clip art like newspapers use, and you'll get over it.

(This isn't too far past, and it is a little boring - sorry! I'm now working on a touch screen computer, so of course, I had to try finger painting. Don't worry, I'll improve.)

Okay, where was I? Gotta watch those detours, cuz when this train gets off track, there's no telling where it'll end up!

Oh, yeah...

... a few more reasons I'm behind on my game.  I went to New York in February - but since I've already started another post, you'll hear about that later. 

After a slew of appointments and testing, we discovered Sweetie Petite-y has several food allergies, and we've been poisoning her regularly - hence the nasty ezcema. So, now I'm cooking two meals for every one.  Thankfully, the resulting clear skin and improved memory (hers, not mine) have been worth it.  Keep your fingers crossed; we're about to try rotating some of her trouble foods back in.

While we're at it-

Third Child has had a pretty full social calendar, meaning much planning, trips hither and yon, and many hours of debate over....just about everything.  Some of her activities have paid off.  She just won first place at the science fair with her invention of snap-on high heels.  Guess being a fashionista has merit!

Thing One and Thing Two - er, excuse me... FirstBorn and Only Son - have been flat out with theater practices and performances, music practices and performances, and various and sundry extracirruculars.  So busy, in fact, that they sound like parents wondering how time can fly so quickly.  Seems like only yesterday they were teaching Bonus Baby to walk, and last week we went in for her Pre-K visit.

Added to all of this, we adopted a Japanese teen for a week (another upcoming post), which means I went into OCD cleaning overdrive prior to and during his visit, and now I am determined not to become buried under the rubble again! 

Plus, we're trying to ready Only Son  for his own oversea excursion. 

And, of course, there is the college search and scholarship application process.... 

And getting ready for two graduations, a confirmation, a haf-century birthday, Easter, the garden, a new batch of pigs, etc., etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc., and so on and so forth into infinity.

Enough whining already!  Everybody's busy, and very possibly you are behind on your game too.  But here's hoping you have a reflective and peaceful Holy Week, and a very Blessed Easter.  And thanks for your patience.  In the words of Arnold the Mighty - "I'll be baaaack!"

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