Friday, April 19, 2013

Update From the M.I.A./An Overloaded Post

Yep, it's been a while since I posted.  After February's month long blogging spree it was a bit traumatic to give this up in favor of accomplishing some other goals  ---- or at least, getting started on them.  Here's the scoop...

Rehearsals are coming along for Jesus Christ Superstar. Here's me as one of the Apostles:

Obviously, we're not concerned about gender stereotypes!

Third Child tagged along recently and was impressed by the play and, amazingly, her 'ol Momster's performance. During one character development exercise, I realized I can still break out the waterworks when necessary. Guess tears don't fall far from the genetic material - FirstBorn is rocking her college performance of the weeping mother of the convict in Dead Man Walking.

Actually, come to think of it, there's more than one drama queen in this household....


And speaking of Third Child, she recently set the goal of teaching herself to play the guitar. After just a few days of strumming four basic chords, she was able to accompany herself singing a dozen or so tunes! Inspirational.... to say nothing about how nice it is to have a variety of music in the house tho' FirstBorn is away at school. T.C.'s repertoire on the piano was limited to two or three Adele hits that we've heard times beyond number. We were about Rumored, Someone Like You'd and Skyfalled out! 

Only Son has been swimming in accomplishments lately. He won the state level competition for Poetry Out Loud, and was invited to recite at our State House. The Resolution of Honor and standing ovation he received must have gone to his head --- that night he was floating so high he whacked his head on the ceiling and broke it open.  Thankfully, no brains leaked out.  After all, he still has the national title to compete for later this month!

The tears in the background are Bonus Baby's --- she worried not only about spilled brains, but the blood on the carpet! Another one for the waterworks squad...

Sweetie-Petite-y has experienced her share of accolades during this month-plus of silence.  She managed to win not one, but two science fairs with her research on Tetrachromacy! This should give you some idea what that's about....

Do you see this....?
(Okay, don't be lazy!  If you don't get it, look it up!)

Sweetie-Petite-y still dislikes math -

but at least it no longer makes her head spin....

...except when she wants it to!

Husband has been holding down the fort while I'm at rehearsals. He tapped trees and made syrup, and now is busy building new piggy pens.  We are about to become swine guardians for the third summer in a row, this time -

Oh, joy! Hopefully the tractor is still working so we can lower them down the hill to their new home.

In other news, we added another Asian son to the mix for ten days.

 "Y" was cool, loved to sing, and was very tolerant of the amount of time he had to spend traveling down the BBM (that's Backroad of Busted Mufflers for the uninitiated) despite feeling continually carsick.

Vantana rides again... and again, and again, and again....

Oh, and going back to FirstBorn, I should mention that she not only made the Dean's List, but got not one, but two poems published. She really is multi-faceted...
 As for my own publishing goals, I finished a final edit and delivered my manuscript to the printer a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, yeah..... so I didn't make my self-imposed deadline to publish by my birthday! At least I got it there within said time frame. Just waiting to see a proof now before adding in the support materials.  And then, I will no longer be just another struggling writer: I WILL BE AN AUTHOR! Before you know it, I'll have a stack of books to my name --- and hopefully not just several copies of this one that I can't unload!

Well, that's news from the front, and all the major characters. Except that wacky dog....

(Hope you appreciate the recycled cartoons - maybe one of these days I'll have time to make more!) 

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  1. Sounds as if though you have been extremely busy and have accomplished a great deal! Congrats on the book, and congrats on all the other achievements, I know you are one proud momma!