Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Naked Post


Whew!- so glad that wasn't what you thought it was! Actually, just bare words here again. Wish I had more to report (and more time to report it), but I'm still in waiting mode:

Waiting for the electronic proof of my novel.
Waiting for the opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar (ohmygosh!-it's tomorrow!).
Waiting to go back to work after more than a month-long shut down.
Waiting for spring....scratch that.  We skipped spring this year and went straight into summer.
Waiting for the end of the school year. One Critter down, four to go.
Waiting for the soft pool to fill up.
Waiting for my shittake mushrooms to appear (I gave up on the morels).
Waiting for the house to clean itself--- Whoa! Not possible you say?  Au contraire!  If the right hints are dropped just prior to Mother's Day, you never know......

Anyhow, one thing I'm no longer waiting for is life to pass me by. Some things are worth waiting for, but some you gotta go out and grab by the horns.

And that's the naked truth.

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