Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wrapping It Up

What a year, what a year,
what a fearful and wonderful year...

The Critters have grown another year older.  So have Hubby and I, but...ahem, we're not going to mention that, are we?  We're still (barely) keeping up with them.

The piggies have come and gone, on to a better place.  Namely, the freezer.

Races have been run,  performances staged, miles logged on numerous odometers.

Hurricanes raged, detours were endured, patience tested.

And loved ones were lost to us.............




.....for now...    

Life continues.  Here we are, another Monday morning.  Not any ol' regular Monday morning - today is December 26th, the day after. 

Packages that took weeks to acquire, wrap and label (and will take months to pay for) were ripped open and assessed for wish-fulfillment in a twinkling, and now lay strewn throughout the everyday clutter as sleep deprived children snooze snug in their beds. Yesterday's feast, slaved over by loving hands and picked at by diners who overindulged in chocolate, will today be transformed into soup, tomorrow casserole, etc., etc.
Tempers and attitudes held in check by "good will" will flair, and "peace on earth" will rescind it's hold as barely controlled mayhem takes over once again.  Or maybe not....

Maybe this will be the year that we carry Christmas over into next week, next year, the rest of our lives....

Here is my New Year's wish list.  It has nothing to do with presents, but everything to do with gifts:

1) That those who have will share with those who have not.
2) That talents will not be left buried, but invested and multiplied 10, 30, 100 fold.
3) That unkind words remain unsaid, and encouragement bubble from our lips like a fountain.
4) That faith, hope and love, replace anxiety, despair and hatred.
5) That good health be granted, fully appreciated and maintained.
6) That understanding be more important than being understood.
7) That needs be few, blessings abundant.
8) That laughter replace tears.
9) That peace reign.

This wish list is for me, my family, friends and loved ones, my community, the world.  For you, whoever and wherever you are.

But lest you think me sanctimonious, I'd also really like:

10) Some champagne, cheesecake, and a really good back rub! 

Oh, and

11) Some studio space...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. The hiatus is over, though the Critters tell me that I need to go back to being funny in these posts.  I agree.  But I also need to do a lot of other stuff, so I'll be posting less often, maybe about once a month.

 Hope you still find time to visit...