Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Howdy, Stranger!

Well, it's been absolutely forever since I've written here! Not that I've forgotten you.... just ask my extended family * whose birthdays I never remember in time. That's what busyness does - it makes you take those you most appreciate for granted. :(

And I do appreciate you, blog reader! Really, I do!

That's why I try so hard to make you smile...

or laugh....

or cry.....

or think....

or shut off your computer and stop wasting precious time........ actually, that's for me.

When I'm bored or overwhelmed or stumped for ideas, I too often turn to Facebook or various blogs, and before you know it, a perfectly good hour has passed by with nothing to show for it besides my own entertainment. Not that being entertained in and of itself is a bad thing, but I'm a doer, not a spectator. And if that doesn't jive with my couch potato image, bear in mind that I can barely sit and watch a movie anymore without falling asleep, but I can write or paint all day and be so engrossed that I forget to eat!

What does that for you?

When I think of mankind as being made in God's image, our ability to create is what comes to mind. It's what I love most about being human. That goes for everything from writing a novel (shameless plug for Emrysia Awakening!) or drawing a caricature, to flipping an omelet or expertly applying makeup. It doesn't have to be something big, though it can be. It just has to be something that involves you in the creative process.

What brings me the most satisfaction is often what also provides the most frustration while in progress, like learning to make an awesome pizza. Like getting my book published. Like raising the Critters.

My pizza is now highly anticipated once-a-week fare on movie night (which I'll sleep thru). Seeing my work on store shelves is great, though so far I've gotten more reviews on the pizza. But watching my offspring become salt and light for the world? Now that's amazing feedback!

So, forgive me for not making more time here. It's not that I don't enjoy it - I really, really do! I just have other things to create.

*If you are an extended family member (or friend, which is the same thing to me), you know I love you, right?