Friday, November 30, 2012

Better With An Audience

I recently became aware of a little known fact as it applies to myself, Hubby and the Critters, and more than likely, to you too.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it applies to the majority of the human race.  As a side note, I'm positive it applies to dogs, especially our Fudge.

Here it is ---- drum roll, please.....

We're better with an audience.

Okay, so that was anticlimactic since the title gave it away.  But I wasn't sure if you were listening yet.
And just to be certain, let me reiterate: We're better with an audience.

Case(s) in point:  

Normally the most mild-mannered-though-extremely-intimidating-to-strangers, lady-like, well behaved canine in the world, Fudgie nonetheless becomes a sneaky, cat food pilfering, trash snarfing, toy chewing mongrel when left alone in the house.  We have taken to closing every interior door on days too cold to leave her outside.

The Critters - Let me count the ways! 1) Left to their own devices they would exist solely on chips, chocolate and ice cream.  Unless I'm counting as they go out the door, two gummies packs, two chewy granola bars and two bags of chips will accompany every lunch bag to school.  Stashes of Nestle's morsels have disappeared into the ether on more than one occasion.  To ensure something will be in the pantry when I need it nowadays, I hide it!  2) They often "forget" to do homework, chores and self-care/maintenance, but I've never known them to miss a line on stage, and believe me, they've had a LOT of opportunities.  3) Oh, and the stuff that goes on when I'm not looking!  Snapping towels, siblings in headlock, monkey bites (if you don't know what that is, ask a kid).  Yet, when I come back into a room all I find are innocent smiles and angelic faces.  4) Okay, no!  I don't need to go on, you get the picture....

Husband - Cookies are his weakness.  We purposefully own a cookie jar with a noisy lid to help him be good.  But, other than that, he's pretty much a saint...

... and then there's Momster (that's me) - I spend a fair share of time on my own recognisance.  Being an artist and writer, I don't necessarily like an audience while working, but I'm certainly more productive  at least knowing that someone is going to enjoy what I create.  Otherwise, I procrastinate, boredom eat,  fritter away time online, and am generally lazy - at least, artistically speaking.  Okay, okay, and generally speaking too!  Which is why dinner is often late, the carpet bears striking resemblance to the dog, and the furniture looks like it might be from a house in Pompeii.  Unfortunately for Sweetie Petite-y and her allergies, it would be better if she were here more during the day as a constant reminder of my responsibilities.

How about you?  Are you "good" on your own, or like me, would you be inclined to exercise more and binge less with your own personal trainer constantly hovering?  Would knowing your actions affected others make more of an impact if they were staring you constantly in the face (or sneezing into it!)?

I get tired of policing the family, tired of nagging and double checking.  Yes, the Critters do better when I'm watching, but sometimes I just want them to make those right choices without supervision.  And when they do, it makes me so happy and proud!*

I believe that must be how God feels.

Now... if only we'd remember that even when it seems like he's left the room, He's always watching...

* The Critters really rose to the occasion recently. They not only held down the fort while Hubby & I were away celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, but they handled the food preparation for the Thanksgiving feast all on their own!  Kudos, Critters!


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  1. Just to prove my point, Fudge ate Bonus Baby's Advent calendar today, and nary another to be found within driving distance! Guess we'll improvise...