Sunday, May 26, 2013

Somewhat Comic Relief

If laughter is the best medicine, then laughter through tears is a super-pill!

Remember that scene in Steel Magnolias just after the funeral when all the ladies are crying, and Olivia Dukakis cracks a joke? I was blubbering so hard that I almost missed it, and then it took me so completely off guard I practically snorted! I know I sprayed the person in front of me, but it was kind of a chain reaction. There were still tears steaming down my face after that, but they were tears of relief.

Sometimes we wanna wallow in self pity and enjoy our pain for a while.  After all, its a valid - though not very productive - response. When I feel like a little wallow myself, I try (operative word) to set a time limit, say... five minutes allotted for a pity party, then back to business. There's too much on our plates to indulge in much more.

Some of the Critters get this....

... and some still don't.

Sweetie Petite-y, who despite her tender years is a seasoned veteran,  has recently acquired more first hand experience. She learned that humans really cannot fly, that gravity is more than a mental state, and that sometimes you should listen to your Momster over your siblings. Oh, and that the ground is pretty darn hard.......... A couple of broken metatarsals in a compliant cast later, the novelty of having the first broken bone among siblings has worn off. Pain, excruciating and bravely met at first, is annoyingly persistent, and worse yet, limiting. Her eagerly anticipated, end-of-the-year, ropes course field trip now looms like dark cloud on the horizon.

The thought of her missing it is enough to make my eyes brim, but I witnessed in amazement the other day while she allowed herself only a few self-conscious tears, and then apologizing, put on her Pollyanna face and looked for the brighter side of things. No praying for it to rain on her classmates for her. Though she is opting not to go (and make fun of them as their butts zoom awkwardly by overhead, like her oldest sister would), she is determined to work hard and heal enough to wear both shoes by the time eighth grade graduation rolls around.

That's what a joyful spirit does: It looks toward an optimistic future, one filled with laughter and celebration.

And healing comes.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Party's Over.......

Sloshed Apostles Anonymous

Well, it was one for the bucket list! Hard to believe that my return to the stage has run its least... this show has.

What fun! As terrifying as auditioning was, performing in Jesus Christ Superstar was a total blast - not just a blast from the past. I wasn't nervous at all, which took me by surprise. And with each performance the gel thickened until we really were apostles, priests, tormentors, soldiers, procuators, lepers, buyers & sellers (prostitutes?) and soul girls. Oh, and savior/superstars!*

I think my favorite part was flitting around backstage between scenes. It was hard to believe I was there, the firefly light of the microphone glowing on my back, my costume (pieced together with contributions from my She-Critters closets) swaying as we danced to oh-so-familiar music, huddling around the mike with the "rabble" to affect an angry mob. I loved rushing to change from apostle to leper to apostle again, and finally to soul girl (and apostle again for curtain call). They say the magic of theater occurs onstage and in the audience, but it's palpable backstage as well in the dim footlights and glow-tape, the props table and dressing rooms - and the wings!  Always in the wings!

Quite a few cast members got teary with post production letdown, but I'm still pumped! I actually did this brave, wonderful thing - an experience that greatly enriched my already full-of-many-blessings life. I stepped outside of my comfort zone, tested my abilities, made new friends, embraced my inner thespian, and lived in a fun and creative way. No whining here, just really good wine! (The bread was pretty awesome too --- I scored the recipe from the props mistress!)

And... the party doesn't have to end. For the time being I'm back to chauffeuring Critters to & from their play practices. But, watch out! Actress Momster has been set loose!

*Almost forgot to mention the amazing band and tech crew!  Thank you one and all! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Naked Post


Whew!- so glad that wasn't what you thought it was! Actually, just bare words here again. Wish I had more to report (and more time to report it), but I'm still in waiting mode:

Waiting for the electronic proof of my novel.
Waiting for the opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar (ohmygosh!-it's tomorrow!).
Waiting to go back to work after more than a month-long shut down.
Waiting for spring....scratch that.  We skipped spring this year and went straight into summer.
Waiting for the end of the school year. One Critter down, four to go.
Waiting for the soft pool to fill up.
Waiting for my shittake mushrooms to appear (I gave up on the morels).
Waiting for the house to clean itself--- Whoa! Not possible you say?  Au contraire!  If the right hints are dropped just prior to Mother's Day, you never know......

Anyhow, one thing I'm no longer waiting for is life to pass me by. Some things are worth waiting for, but some you gotta go out and grab by the horns.

And that's the naked truth.