Thursday, February 28, 2013

Now, Go Cat - Go!

Well, this is it.  Once I actually think of something to go with this title, finish typing and click on publish, I will have posted every day this month.  Yay me!

So what, you say? 

I met my goal, that's what!  It may seem a small accomplishment to you, but so is tying your shoes.  Try running a marathon without that first step.

Hubby has been asking periodically when I plan on self-publishing my novels.  (I have two thirds of a young adult trilogy languishing on my desk.) After a long, drawn out, disappointing attempt at finding a publisher in this recession-ridden, celebrity-crazed market I have decided that is (probably) my best option.  So what if fate has not smiled kindly upon my writing career thus far?  It is high time I stop waiting around for fate and just get the job done.

It's taken a while for me to wrap my head around the idea of going it alone.  Self-promotion isn't something I excel at despite the narcissistic nature evident in these ramblings. Talent and self-sufficiency aside, I know my limitations....

....or maybe.... I've leaned on them too long.

This month besides being a fun challenge was a first step.  There's enough material to browse thru here to keep newcomers busy even though I won't be posting as often.  And hopefully, now this blog has enough of a presence to go it alone for a while, just like me.

Here's my new challenge: To publish


by Easter.....


by Christmas, and....


by my birthday next year.  (And yes, that is original cover art.)

I'm not giving up my day job (or my play, or this blog forever, or most importantly my vocation as wife and mother) so things might get a bit wild around here for a while.  But as a famous philosopher once said "Have no fear of this mess!"


  1. A friend of mine just self-published her first novel. Her blog is called Scared E Cat if you are interested. Congrats on attaining your goal despite some rejection....not an easy thing to do. I found your blog on topmommyblogs:)

    1. Thanks - and I'll check it out! There are a lot of talented people out there writing a lot of good stuff. Cudos to your friend for making her dream a reality.

  2. Seems like the more blogs I read the more people I "meet" who like me have dreams of becoming a writer. I am new to your blog, but love it here and wish you all the best luck on your venture.

    1. Welcome, Kimbra - what a great medium this is for inspiring and supporting each other! I hope you keep at it and achieve all the goals you set for yourself...