Friday, November 14, 2014

You're cured!

Not that I was ever really sick, but this overwhelmed Momster definitely had need of blog therapy for a few years! And that's exactly what "imustbeoffmyrocker" provided.


Writing (and ranting!) to my computer  keyboard was possibly the most positive step I could've taken at a time when, in the throes of motherhood, it seemed I had misplaced an important part of myself. The need to vent, to "think out loud" has always been crucial to my sanity. When voices stay locked inside my head, they start to bounce of the walls of my skull, spinning into a never-ending vortex that sucks attention, time, happiness, energy, etc.... you name it. But constantly ragging and nagging the family can bring them down too. "Millstone" is not who I wanted to be.

Time out to reflect on the joy of parenting helped me to see it more clearly.

So thanks, Momster, for being my alter ego/therapist for the last several years. I'm not saying you're a miracle worker or anything, but I am feeling a lot more like myself again. And though I may check in for a booster shot occasionally, for now....

.... I'll be doing most of my writing as C.A. Morgan, Author.

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