Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barf Bowls and other Lenten Penance

It's Holy Week - finally!

Not that it's been a bad Lent.  No, I'd have say that, as far as Lent goes, this one has involved more sacrifice than most.  Good for the soul, that's what it is. 

No, I haven't kept my Lenten promises any better than most people keep their New Year's resolutions.  But I didn't have to; God gave me my very own personalized penance - barf. For most of Lent I've had sick kid(s).  And whatever this flu-bug is, it ain't pretty!

Each Critter has manifested his or her own particular version, spewing from every available orifice some foul fluid or semi-solid (not to be graphic) and confounding with fluctuating temps and temperaments until I am dizzy with it all.  At one point, three of the little beasties were calling out to me from separate quarantines, with disparate requests for tea and toast, Tylenol and temperature taking.  They may be sick, but I am spent...

And finally - light at the end of the tunnel.  For three whole days we are vomit-free.  I allow myself a rare evening out with my girlfriends while Hubby holds down the fort.  Saturday comes and I manage the laundry - not spontaneous loads of accidentally soiled linens, but real, honest-to-goodness dirty clothes.

But then, alas!  Sunday morning, and the littlest Critter - who was among the first to succomb - relapses. Another Sabbath, Palm Sunday no less, comes and goes without me in the pew.  I tease Husband, saying that people will begin to think I've flown the coop.  But I haven't.  I'm still here, three days later, holding barf bowls and soothing fevered brows.... thankful for another Holy week and promise of redemption...

                                  ...and ready to scarf massive quantities of chocolate!

Note: The illustrations for this post are indicative of the time in which they were produced...

Double Note: I held off on this post because Baby Girl got much worse this second go round, but she is better today -whew!  Have a Blessed Easter!

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