Monday, August 15, 2011

The Aunties

Among our many reasons for the family road trip, seeing The Aunties ranks right at the top of the Critters' list.  Pretty much mine too.

And while most disclaimers come at the end of something, just let me preface the remainder of this post by saying that these rocking Midwest ladies are some of my favorite people in the whole world.  I love them all dearly, and am pretty sure they love me right back... which is why I can poke fun at them with impunity!

Not that I would ever do such a thing!  No, if Husband's Sisters are looking at this and laughing right now it's because of how accurately I have depicted them.  In fact, if they know how to, I'm pretty sure they will each enlarge the above image to check out their eye color, what that is in Bobby Lou's hand, and whether or not you can see Auntie JuneBug's tattoo. (You can!)

For years now I've wanted to do a pencil portrait of them similar to the one I did of Husband's Brothers...

 but who has time?

Besides, this is how I usually see them given that we spend our vacations together.  And even when we don't get in much beach time - or, ahem!... when someone doesn't make it to the reunion - this is how they are indelibly imprinted on my mind.

Sometimes they actually make it into the water.


That would be Auntie-In-Law.  She can swim rings around the other Aunties - literally. 

She's as much a favorite as the others.  Besides swimming (and biking, kayaking, hiking, and visiting places on her ever-expanding bucket list) she usually hosts us in The Orange Room above her garage for a night or two each summer.  This privilege (for us) includes scrumptious homemade meals, homemade wine, computer expertise, poolside lounging and free psychological evaluation.

And this would be Auntie Faux.  She is Auntie M.'s best friend, and just like cubic zirconium, it's hard to tell the difference between her and the real thing.  Each year she and her family (which includes some very pampered four-legged Faux Cousins) camp with us.  Thanks to her, my Critters actually get to see an occasional vacation picture. (Note where the camera was last post...)

Besides vacationing together with the whole family, Husband's Sisters get together for occasional W.A.M. Weekends.  I would tell you what W.A.M. stands for, but, as Husband would say, then I'd have to kill you. 

I have only attended one of these due to distance.  As I remember, it was a lot of fun - dressing up, going out to dinner, sharing stories...

...but not as much fun as the last W.A.M. Weekend I heard about.  The evening started out much the same...

Then, thanks to Auntie-In-Law, a novelty cocktail was introduced...

Another pumpkin Martini anyone?

(There are two additional Aunties-In-Law who live "out of state":  Auntie M2 has only made the reunion a few times, but Auntie Real Live Poet hasn't even met most of the Critters (What a shame! Who's to blame?) as our vacations rarely coincide. Neither of them should, however, be lulled into thinking that they are above becoming blog fodder...)

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