Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dropping the Ball

The year of our Lord two thousand twelve has passed into history, and a New Year taken it's inaugural steps as this day draws to a close.  Much that I wanted to accomplish last year was left un-attempted, unfinished, undone.  Many things I did or said could have been omitted and no one would have minded, myself included.  But, all in all, it was a very good year.

This year FirstBorn graduated high school, and began college.

Only Son played God, to the delight of an appreciative audience. 

Third Child became a Hilltone, following in her older siblings' musical footsteps.

Sweetie Petite-y landed her first major role, and was finally recognised for the brilliant actress she is.

All of the above had a stellar dramatic year, logging more hours on stage than some runs on Broadway ----and their loving Momster logged more hours driving them to rehearsals than Shirley Jones spent behind the wheel of the Partridge Family bus!  Yes, I realise that comment dates me....

.....and Bonus Baby started PreK, adding her own needs for chauffeuring to the mix.

Husband & I celebrated a milestone anniversary just as in love as ever, despite the fact that we are ships passing in the dark of part-time-jobs-to-make-ends-meet night.

As for me I made art, wrote despite not getting published yet, fed my crew mostly homemade food, kept our home passably clean, loved the people who matter most, and gave what I could to those asked of me.  Not a great resume perhaps, but one I'm thankful for having the opportunity to share. So, forgive me for not having the time to make a new picture for you.  Instead, here for the first time ever is a photo of this blogger-

-taken from my best side.

Happy 2013!  Hope it finds you climbing ever upward.....

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