Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spuds or Sprouts


As much as I enjoyed having all of the Critters home for the holidays, I am thrilled to finally have the house  to myself this morning.  This is me recovering:

If I appear a tad "spud-like" its for good reason. 


When the Critters are on vacation, I'm not.  In fact, that's when my work load significantly increases, as any mother can tell you. (Please note that the dirty dishes and stray laundry were not there when I went to bed last night.  The living room, at least, was clutter free, but teen Critters stayed up to enjoy their last homework-free evening.)  Good Momster that I am, I want them to relax and enjoy their time off, but I can't wait until they actually learn to pick up after themselves sans hounding.


Sweetie Petite-y and Bonus Baby have been back at school for nearly a week now.  The former spent the majority of her time off reading, and is becoming as much of a bibliophile as her look-alike oldest sister.  

Bonus Baby enjoyed her break the old fashioned way:



Lucky for her, Husband is still young at heart and a ready and willing playmate.  I get out there occasionally --- okay, VERY occasionally.  Usually, I'm inside playing catch-up. 

And where are the other Critters?  Well, most of the time they are in the basement playroom....



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