Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poetic Reflection

Children, Like Puppies

My attention span is bouncy today as the dog’s tail

as she trots a pace ahead,

stopping to sniff the latest reminder that a world of other canines

 lies just beyond her yard,


 for a fraction of an instant

it lingers long enough to realize that


 like puppies,

sense a similar expanse,

and will someday, as parental leashes slacken,

wander out to make their own deposit on the world.

On down the road,

I wonder,

will blooms appear where they have trod,

or will they return with tails between their legs,

“perfumed” with what they’ve rolled in?

There is a reason for teaching young dogs new tricks,

and children to lick their wounded egos

till they master themselves.


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