Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Morning for Miracles

It began disguised as a normal Tuesday.

I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning.  Despite the rosy glow peeking through the shade on the east facing window, it seemed much too early.  But alas, on the rare occasion that Bonus Baby doesn't clamber into bed with us, squirming unmercifully to get me up and going, my aging bladder does.

The Critters seemed to be moving as slowly as I was, maybe because it was so cold in the house.  Finally confident that they were sufficiently roused, I headed downstairs toward the warm smell of of coffee, though I never seem to get a cuppa degrump until everyone is out the door.  But this morning, I actually did...

Sweetie Petite-y came down while Bonus Baby was finishing her Crispy Rice, complaining of a sore throat.  She made herself a cup of tea (because she is self sufficient like that) and even cleaned up after herself - which for her, doesn't seem to come naturally with self sufficiency.  For once, Bonus Baby didn't even ask Sweetie Petite-y to drop everything and play, being totally absorbed in tracing her own hand on the cereal box.

Third Child came down fully dressed  in modest clothing and humming softly under her breath.  And now I started to take notice..... fully dressedModest clothing?  Humming softly?  The only thing Third Child ever does softly is bat her eye lashes!  Here she was opening the fridge to make herself a lunch without being nagged, telling me that she has decided to become happy-go-lucky!  I don't know if me eyes popped out of my head, but she giggled and kissed me on the cheek and went happy-go-luckily about her business.

Did I wake up to a houseful of aliens?

Finally, Only Son made an appearance, and as usual, was barely in time to grab pre-packaged snacks and head out the door.  I could tell he was still sore and achy from whatever had been bothering him last night. Knowing that spells C-R-A-N-K-Y, I attempted to steer everyone clear.  But in typical Momster fashion, I just couldn't help trying to mother him -

"Do you want to take somethin-"


"Did you pack a lunc-"


"Are you gonna be oka-"

"I'M FINE!!!!"  Slam!

I shuffled over to the window to wave and watch them pull out.  Husband, who (as always) has made my coffee, built a fire in the wood stove, and blessed and kissed me goodbye, is scraping frost from the windshield of the van, which he went out early to warm up for the CrittersOnly Son flings his backpack inside and hesitates....and turns to come back inside.  I meet him at the door thinking he forgot something.

And he did.

"Sorry, Mom" he says, wrapping his arms around me in a warm, but gentle hug.  "I love you."

He smiles, and heads back out the door empty handed...... leaving me with a heart that's full.


And one more miracle:  I got this written and posted in only half an hour!

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  1. That is so sweet. It got me teary eyes, really. Moments like this... makes it all worth it.