Saturday, February 16, 2013

Survivor: Cold & Flu Edition

Yesterday was not one of my better days.  In fact, yesterday I would've gotten voted off the island for sure.

But today I am a survivor.

Today, I would have been an asset to any team despite only functioning at about 50% of my usual capabilities. Today I would have made my own MOHGAW Momster proud.  If you're new here and wondering what MOHGAW means, it's my mother's pat response to inquiries about her disposition or well-being --- she's Mean & Ornery and Hard to Get Along With, thank you very much!  Me too, in case you hadn't noticed.

This condition stems from having plates too full. 

My MOHGAW Momster balanced twice the plate I do, yet I rarely heard her complain about her health.  Other things?  Heck, yes!  But not her health.  That woman worked thru everything because, as she so succinctly put it "I didn't have time to get sick!"

So, even though my employers gave me a pass for today, I went in to work anyhow.  Not because I wanted to be known as an infectious bug bomb, but because I wanted to show myself (and okay, maybe Hubby too) the kinda stuff I'm really made of.

Since I work directly with the public I was extra, extra fastidious today.  Normally I hate Purell, but today it was my best friend.  I also used disinfectant wipes repeatedly on every surface I touched.  And though I may have slouched and shuffled whenever there was no one around to witness it, I still smiled and greeted guests amicably, took reservations without any major mess ups and remained helpful and pleasant with my coworkers.  Just because I could barely hear callers, and my croaked replies sounded less professional and upbeat than usual, well... that's to be expected with a head still full of crud.  I would have to say that sheer determination got me through the day --- and that makes me a keeper.  No, a survivor!


.... Hubby just offered to take us out for pizza instead of me making our usual homemade, and you're darn right - I'm taking him up on it!

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