Monday, February 11, 2013

In the Good Ol' Days...

...I could wake up and get out of the house in under fifteen minutes.
...a week's worth of dirty dishes could be hidden in the toaster oven.
...I could put whatever I wanted to on my pizza - and not share it!
...laundry day was every other week, and I never found stray socks in the sofa. tweezers or favorite blouse never came up missing.
...I spent more time in the living room than behind the wheel of a minivan.
...being snowed in meant doing nothing all day.
...etc., etc., etc.

I do a lot of whining about all of the work and inconvenience generated by the Critters.  When I stop and listen to myself sometimes, it sounds as if I'm not very happy with my lot.  And though painful to admit, I don't act like it sometimes either.

I got to thinking today: If I don't like the way it sounds when I complain, how must it feel to the Critters?

Despite my grousing, I know they know I love them --- and yes, I do tell them.  Every day.  And show them to.  But do they ever think that I think I'd be happier without them?

Well, just to set the record straight....

I WOULDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it wouldn't hurt me to act more like it.

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