Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Totally Tubular!

I'm prepared.  At least, as much as one ever can be for such events.

Yet again I am going under - anesthesia, that is - to have another tube rudely inserted into orifices that ought to remain tube free --- this time from the top down, thank goodness ---  in search of a stray stone or other reason for my return to pre-gallbladder removal discomfort.

I'm a little nervous despite knowing what to expect. The procedure is called an upper endoscopy, and prep for it is far less involved than for my recent colonoscopy. You don't wanna go there.  I didn't even have to fast, though just liquids today.  And hopefully they will find what they're looking for.

I don't have too many orifices left.

The Critters are taking it all in stride.  When I had my appendix removed (while very pregnant with Bonus Baby) it was pretty traumatic for everyone, especially Third Child, who tends toward a cup half empty outlook.  We (both Bonus Baby & I) came through the surgery with flying colors, but since then this ol' Momster has never been quite the same.  Not that my appendectomy was to blame - rollerblades played a distinct role in at least one health related issue.  But a lot has happened since then, and so, the Critters have gotten used to Momster and her medical complaints.

But I haven't.  I'm really, really, REALLY ready for wellness.  Not just the "I'm fine" kinda feeling, but glow-y good health, the kind that makes you feel like dancing for joy.  Hope that's what's in store for me.  It really would be totally tubular!

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