Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pasta for Breakfast

It's common knowledge around these parts that I have very eclectic taste. For example, my three favorite movies at the moment are The Natural, The Incredibles, and The Fifth Element.  (Hmmm..... "The" - a common thread.)  My choice of music includes Celtic harp, blaring 80's rock and show tunes. Some days I dress like a stereotypical librarian, and on others, a hippie artist (though more often than not, a couch potato).  Our home is filled with antiques, junk-tiques, original art and home-made furniture of every wooden hue.  Oh, and drooping plants... 'cuz I'm a really poor plant parent.

Where eccentricity really shines through is my choice of breakfast foods.  I am just not a toast & bowl of cereal kinda gal.

Eggs are good.....sitting atop a pile of tortilla chips and smothered in cheddar & salsa. Or made into microwave custard with leftover rice and a brown sugar/butter topping. Or my all-time favorite: Eggs Benedict, a rarely indulged in treat.  But all of these are pretty normal in at least some part of the world.

Usually, I eat leftovers.  And I'm not talking re-toasted waffles.

Cold tabbouleh ranks right up there.  Earlier this week I enjoyed a cold pork chop, and cold pizza is a staple.  But today I craved something warm.  Last night's pasta with chicken, cannelli beans and wilted greens fit the bill to a tee.  Almost as yummy as the cold Oriental cabbage salad I savored the morning after the Super Bowl.

It's nice when your tastes line up with your values --- in this case, inherent frugality.  Now, if only I could pass this on to the Critters.....


I realize that some of my posts during this "month of blogging every day" may lack the flavor of a fully developed and illustrated essay, so I've added a "Top Posts" feature to the sidebar.  Not that these are my particular favorites, but they are the ones that have gotten the most hits.  Feel free to check out these and other past posts, and if you're so inclined...... think of it as finishing off those leftovers!

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