Saturday, February 2, 2013

Meal Planning???

Ahhh... weekends!

Highly anticipated around the world as a time of rest and relaxation.... who doesn't love em?  I do, though they aren't quite what they used to be now that I'm working part-time. Sleeping in?  Haven't done much of that since FirstBorn entered the picture.  And piles of laundry and assorted messes are usually still waiting when I get home, so outside employment seems a breeze compared to my main occupation of raising the Critters.

No, what I really miss when I have to work on a Saturday morning is food. 

There is something intrinsically foreign about the notion of of a leisurely brunch.  Not for everyone, mind you.  But for this Momster the concept is just that - a concept.

What actually happens is more like "lunchfast" - bolted in stolen moments - usually stone cold - over the course of an hour in between answering the phone, assisting guests, and the myriad other tasks I am responsible for at the little county inn where I work.

I can't eat first thing when I get up.  Coffee keeps me going as the morning speeds along.  Though I've been awake since early pre-dawn, I've been busy and haven't noticed the gnawing in my gut.  But along about 10 - 10:30 I begin to realize, hey!  I'm hungry!  And lucky for me, there is a very fine breakfast chef who will  lovingly prepare my food once the guests are all served.... see previous paragraph.

What would help is a little pre-planning.  I do it for the crew at home, plugging in the crock pot, stocking up on fruit and prepackaged, easily accessible snacks. Why not take better care of myself?  Actually I do sometimes pack something for myself, but I often forget and leave it in the car, or just get too darn busy.

Anyhow, all of this thinking about food has made me think about the terminology we assign to mealtimes.
I've come up with my own, more appropriate terms:

Morning Coffee             =   Cup-o-degrump
Coffee Break                 =   Zip Sip
Breakfast                       =   Smell the bacon ('cuz that's all I get to do)
Brunch                          =    Lunchfast
Lunch                            =   Huh?
Mid Afternoon Snack    =   Need a Nibble
Tea Time                       =   Cuppa (borrowed this, but mine is usually joe)
Dinner                           =   Soup's On
Late Supper                  =   Lupper
Midnight Snack             =   Zzzzznack

Feel free to use them.  Here's hoping both your belly and table are full....


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