Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two For The Show

Actually, more like Two for Tuesday, as in two topics for the price of one.

Today is just an ordinary day, kinda gray and quiet - relatively speaking.  I attended a funeral this morning while the Critters (who are enjoying February break) lounged around at home and burned up our allotted internet usage for the day.  Not that I blame them.  We live in a remote part of the world (northern New England) where we still don't have access to high speed internet without a satellite dish --- meaning our ability to watch You Tube videos and look up pictures of cute little kittens is severely limited. Can you imagine anything more tragic? 

Some mornings as I sip coffee and gaze out upon our scenic mountain vista, I contemplate all of the horrors I might inflict upon my oh-so-deprived offspring, such as actually making them spend time in the fresh air of the great outdoors.  Such a cruel Momster, I know!  Today was not one of those days. Today rather than forcing the issue, I guilted them into it by taking advantage of my poor deceased friend. 

"I bet Mrs. M. would like to be outside right now.  I bet if she could do it all again, she'd spend a lot more time outdoors."

Actually, I don't know anything of the sort.  She wasn't exactly the athletic type.

But maybe it was attending her funeral this morning that made me think about what I would miss most if I could no longer do it.  Just walking in the crisp, fresh air while enjoying the sights and sounds of God's creation would rank right up there.  So would spending time playing with my Critters.  I get so busy with other, less important "stuff" that I sometimes forget what incredible gifts each of them are.  And sometimes not having "stuff" (such as unlimited access to the internet) is a blessing in disguise.  So excuse me for a moment (or hopefully an hour or two) while I go spend some quality time with the ones I love.


Take II

A few posts back I taunted you by withholding important information.  (No, I'm still not going to tell you what that mystery non-post was about!)  Though I shared my audition experience, I left you hanging about what role I got cast in for Jesus Christ Superstar.

I am....... drum roll, please.....

A Soul Sister


an Apostle.

Pretty cool, huh?  Two roles for the price (and believe me, I paid in nerves!) of one audition. Last night I joined the rest of the cast in the first read/sing through.  It felt really good to be up on stage again, especially since the hardest part was over.  Looking forward to finding out if I still have what it takes... but since they already cast me, guess they'll have to take whatever I've got!  So starts a new chapter....


  1. Nice, good job and congrats for the cast. Let us know how it goes, the rehearsals and all.

    1. Thanks KC! Not that I'm doing this for blog fodder, but I'm sure there will be moments....