Friday, February 15, 2013

Death Warmed Over

Okay, so I know I'm supposed to be trying to be less of a whiner, but this lousy cold on top of everything else just stinks!  How's a Momster gonna do what she's gotta do when she can barely do diddle?  Yes, it's just a cold, albeit with chills and body aches, and I've managed with many a cold before.  And no, I am not just having a pity party for myself.  Husband has been a gem, and I would feel really guilty for faking.  And the only thing that would make me feel worse right now would be to feel guilty on top of it.  I feel like I sound, which is so lousy that when I called my employer to say I would still be in if I couldn't get anyone to cover, he didn't want me there germing up the place.  I'm hoping to shake it (come on, Airborne!) so I can at least go in tomorrow - two shifts in a row is more than I wanna be out.

But it seems like this zombie theme just keeps coming....

Yikes!  I should know better than to try and draw when I feel like this, let alone write.  Oh, dear reader,  forget you've ever been here today!  Go on with your life, hopefully healthy, and visit again when this delirious Momster is back to her normal snarky self.

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