Monday, February 4, 2013

Bottled Up

Three days down, twenty-five to go....

I've mentioned before what a highly distractable person I am.  If men's thought processes are like spokes on a wheel, and most women's are like a jar of marbles, mine are more like carbonated salad dressing. (Nope, never heard of such a thing either; just bear with me 'cuz I'm trying to make an analogy here!)

There are lots of ingredients in this salad dressing, some weightier than others, some highly fragmented.  But when thoroughly mixed in proper proportions, they coalesce into a flavorful sauce that enhances whatever it touches.  Left alone, the individual ingredients settle into recognizable components, clearly defined.  But shaken up and opened, they spew like a volcano onto whatever (or whoever) is nearest.

Okay, so now that you have that word picture in your head, let me explain.

There's almost always a lot going on in my head.  As Momster, not only mine, but all the Critters' and Hubby's "stuff" (both organizational and literal) gets thrown into the mix too.  It's a lot to keep suspended.  When I have time (and peace and quiet), things can settle into levels of importance, and though not always easily separated, can be dealt with accordingly.  But when everything is stirred up in my head and too much pressure builds, it can get messy.  To my credit, I've been pretty good, and haven't blown up on anyone lately. I've been juggling a lot though, and at the moment, everything is pretty well shaken.  So writing every day this month is not only a practice in self discipline, it's adding a few bubbles to the mix.  I'm hoping the result will be something new and extremely satisfying, but it might just blow up in my face.  So, just to simplify the recipe a little, I will only be adding cartoons when I have plenty of extra other words, close to never this month.  But stay with me!  The goal is to become a better writer, and I'll need you to tell me if I get the flavor right.

And, better make that twenty four days...........

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