Sunday, February 17, 2013


Nope, not  a misspelling.  Febluary just seemed more witty than February Blues.

I've been sitting here tossing around ideas for this post, but nothing seems to click.  Ever have times like that?  You want to share something meaningful, something that not only resonates with you, but will hopefully touch other hearts (or at least tickle funny bones), and you can't seem to settle on what that should be.

It's not due to an appalling lack of material --- on the contrary, everyday life is simply overflowing with it.  I usually spark on a title idea, and - BLAM!  The post practically writes itself.  But occasionally it is a struggle. 

Here we are more than halfway thru this month.  The groundhog has spoken - or at least, it's shadow has.  Throats were blessed and ashes have marked us.  Hearts have been wooed, won and/or broken.  Presidents past are soon to be honored.  And don't forget the Critters' winter break!  A lot happens in February considering how length of days-challenged it is. And, not to go there again, but throw in cold and flu season on top of everything else and this month is overwhelmingly full.

And more than a little boring....

Not that prognosticating rodents, rites of sacrifice, romance, and truthful politicians with wooden dentures aren't interesting.  (I'm not so thrilled about stuffy heads and body aches, and frankly think sandwiching in a winter break between Christmas Break and Spring Break is overkill.)  But the constant gray skies and muddied snowbanks of me, Febluary sure make this month seem like the longest of the year.

Good thing you've got me to entertain you.....

-----------scroll down-----------

Yep.... it's a long, long month.

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