Friday, February 22, 2013

Something Old, Something New, blah-da, blah-da, blah...

You're probably thinking this post is about weddings or brides, or maybe even traditions, but you're wrong.

This is another post about breakfast.

You've already read about pasta for breakfast, and other such culinary quirks of mine. This morning I opted for something a little more traditional --- albeit with a typical Momster twist.  What could be older (or newer) than eggs to start your day right?  Oh, favored protein source the world over, your compact oval shapes beckon with the promise of long lasting heartiness and energy, fuel fit for a blissful, busy/full day!

This morning I cracked open two (large?) brown eggs, and quickly decided to scramble the little beasties.  Accidentally breaking the yokes may have been a contributing factor.  But, what to add?  Since it's a Friday in Lent, ham was out of the question.  Likewise the leftover burger in the fridge. Suddenly the jeweled tones of peppers caught my eye: brilliant ruby and verdigris..... and a jar of topaz, pickled, hot banana pepper rings - yee-haw!  I cut them all up and threw in a handful of baby spinach for good measure, a little tip borrowed from the breakfast chef at work. The vibrant slurry quickly coagulated in the hot pan.

Hmmmmm..... old & new, borrowed and..... bleu!  Crumbled stinky goodness added just the perfect touch!  Dumped onto a plate and topped with a decorative squirt of sriracha, a heavenly new favorite was born.

 I think I'll make it a Friday tradition.....

....unless, of course, there are cold, leftover fried trout in the fridge....

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