Monday, February 25, 2013

One For The Money

I'm not, are you?

Here we are, counting down the final days till the end of the month and twenty-eight consecutive posts.  I've been enjoying the challenge and hope you have been too. And I also hope you know I'm not in it for the dough.

Take a look along the sidebar.  See any ads? 


Now, why (if I'm such a talented writer) wouldn't I be writing for profit?  Is it because I totally lack ambition?  Connections?  Sense? You already know I'm not independently wealthy --- name one person with five kids who is! And those five kids are all gonna want to go to college, which trust me - ain't cheap.

Truth be told, I'd get paid for this if I could.  I not only love blogging, but it loves me too.  I'm better with a creative outlet, and this medium allows me to grow both as an artist and writer.  Attempting to amuse you on a regular basis forces me to look at the humorous side of life more often, and that's good for everyone.

There are three posts still to come, but I really do have to move on to more "profitable" work after this month-long journey ends.  But don't worry - I won't stay gone.  I'll be back from time to time with updates on life along the Backroad of Busted Mufflers and the Critters' latest antics. But feel free to come back and poke around in old posts anytime....

*In case you're wondering, the Top Mommy Blogs icon boosts my rating on their site when you click (so please, please do!) but so far at least, the only thing that benefits from it is my ego!

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