Sunday, February 10, 2013

Well Adjusted Kid

Sometimes it pays to really listen to your children.  It pays even more to act upon what you hear.

For weeks, maybe months now Sweetie Petite-y has been complaining of a sore neck.  She first mentioned it one morning as I woke her for school.  Coincidentally, later that same day news broke about tainted steroids coming from a pharmacy in the northeast causing spinal meningitis.  She's never had a steroid injection, but she does use a steroid-based ointment on her eczema. I calmly panicked.... and called the pediatrician.

Turns out she just had a stiff neck and muscle spasms, not at all related to the sensational headlines.  I felt a bit foolish (as always when I let fear get the best of me), but at least I could stop worrying.  We treated her symptoms with heat, an occasional neck rub, and even more infrequent ibuprofen.  She stopped mentioning it.

But her pain never really went away.

I've told you before that Sweetie Petite-y is not a whiner.  Most in this household are...

...but she's a stoic little bugger - she and First Born take after their father in that regard. 
So when she brought it up again, I rubbed a little more, but I also searched online for a cause and solution.  And one day I mentioned something about going to the chiropractor. 

She was all over it.

Now, I have been to the chiropractor.  I don't know why it took so long to think of it for her, since I almost always feel much better after an adjustment.  Maybe because she's still so young, I didn't see it as necessary.  But, it couldn't hurt, right?

Well, actually.... watching Sweetie Petite-y get adjusted was painful.  Seeing her smiling face afterward was priceless. 

And knowing that she is still pain free, well, that's making us both smile.


It has been extrememly difficult not making pictures for the last few posts.  I mean, I could do so much with the zombie theme!  But I am sticking to my resolve, and since time is still in crunch mode, no new cartoons.... though I never said anything about recycling old ones.

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