Wednesday, February 6, 2013


No, this title is not code. 

It just means that not only can I not decide what to write about today, but I'm having trouble prioritizing.  Heck, I'm having trouble doing anything!  Did you ever have day with so much potential that all you could do was sit like a lump and watch it all unfold?  Or unravel, as the case may be....

Some might call it laziness, apathy, or more kindly, just being overwhelmed.  But it's not like there is anything unusual about what's on my plate for today.  I just made a list (which I won't bore you with) to check.  What I lack is motivation.

Maybe I can chalk it up to CABIN FEVER!

I do live in the Northeast, and despite the lack of drifting snow, frigid temps have kept me relatively housebound.  Except for necessary errands, church and work, I've been a hermit....

....a hermit who happens to live with several very noisy and active people.  And that's the crux right there.  It would be acceptable for me to just curl up in my little cocoon of blankets next to the wood stove, sip a mug of something warm and devour a good book --- if I lived alone.  I might even achieve hibernation, as I've been known to doze off within seconds of putting my feet up.  But this Momster can't afford the luxury.  Not with all of the responsibilities and my.....ahem! - the Critter's - busy schedules and social agendas.

I only have snippets of time, so deciding what to do while I have the house all to myself is where I'm struggling.   I know I should tackle the left over pots-n-pans on the counter, or any other of the numerous beckoning household chores. Or I should brave the elements and go for a walk, or snowshoe if I can find enough snow.  I could pull out the modeling clay that's been sitting on my sewing table for over a year just waiting to be sculpted into something brilliant.  Or.... I can write something pithy about nothing in particular just to say I did.

Yep, that'll do.

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