Friday, February 8, 2013

Zombie Momster Meets her Match

Dawn of the walking dead.

Only Son thinks he is preparing for a far off day when he mentions the Zombie Apocalypse.  Little does he realize that his Momster woke up to it.


Only a few short hours after crawling between cold sheets.

The night was much too short.  After sitting through three One Act Plays that featured numerous high school students with whom I shared no blood connection, and finally, one One Act Play that did, I crept home with said Critters in tow several hours past my normal bedtime.  On a school night, no less.  I was more than ready for sleep, and despite icy toes and softly snoring Husband, fell immediately into blissful repose --- as promised by the warranty on my faux Tempurpedic.

My bladder (never the same post Critters) woke me in the wee hours (Ha!), but I fought the urge (Ha ha!) and won, falling back into a restless sleep for another precious half hour.  I then crawled from the now toasty sheets in a bleary-eyed stupor, gave Third Child an early wake-up call per her request, and crawled back in bed entertaining the notion of finishing out the hour at least dozing.  But Husband, who hadn't attended the Playsssszzzzzzzz was eager for a debriefing. 


After stumbling through the morning routine and taking Sweetie Petite-y to an appointment (see last post about logistics), I stayed on after dropping her off at school to help decorate the gym for the Father/Daughter Dance.  An extra cuppa degrump kept me focused enough that I didn't try to fill anything inappropriate with helium, but just barely. 

A lot more happened throughout the day, but since zombies don't notice much about their surroundings, I couldn't tell you what.

Until the phone call.

The phone call where First Born says she's bringing another friend home with her from college this weekend - do I mind? 

And, of course, I don't mind!  Really!  First Born, who hardly brought a soul over throughout her years in high school, has suddenly become the hostess with the mostest (it's easy to entertain when you don't have to clean the place you're inviting people to), and suddenly Zombie Momster is overpowered by SUPER OCD MOM!

I go into hyper drive sweeping, vacuuming and straightening up.  Then I remember that I was gonna have leftovers tonight....but that will not do! I pull out some chops and throw them into the microwave to defrost, roast some potatoes and veg and call it good.  We have a lovely meal when everyone arrives.

But that is not all, oh no, that is not all!  There is still a dance to dress daughters for, hair to braid, photos to snap.  I ride along with Husband and the Bevy of Estrogen because there is punch to be poured and cookies to be meted out.

And now it is 11:57 P.M. and, by gum!  I will get this post done today!

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